Notice of Meeting of the Board of Directors of Silverado West Homeowners Association, Inc.

To be held on Wednesday, November 18, 2015 at 6:30 p.m. at the

RealManage Office
9601 Amberglen Blvd. Suite 150, Austin, Texas, 78729

The Board of Directors will meet to consider and act upon any or all of the following:
Call to order – 6:30
Homeowner Sign-In Speakers
•  Allow homeowners 3 minutes each to speak
Board meeting minutes of October 14, 2015
•  Review & approve minutes

Act on or Ratify and Reaffirm Board actions considered since last meeting
• Financials
• New Business
• Appoint Board members
•  Landscape repair items
• Pool repair items
• Pond repair items

Convene into Closed Executive Session

Executive Session - Note: This will be a closed session not open to owners. Subjects to be considered in Executive Session include: Collection Accounts, Deed Restriction Violations, and Homeowner Request.

Reconvene Open Session - Owners are welcome at Open Session
Oral Summary of Actions taken in Executive Session
Adjournment – 8:00