Hello Neighbors,
A lot has been happening in the HOA and we wanted to let you know what's been accomplished and some projects coming up,  PLUS, the big question, the pool opening date! 

First, over the past few months we have:

  • Installed New Surveillance system at the Park/Pool
  • Patio furniture repaired
  • Water fountains repaired
  • New Announcement system at the pool (pool closing/weather notices and as needed)
  • Fixed all the parking lot lights at the Park/Pool and replaced with brighter and longer lasting LED lights
  • Park Tree Lights have been fixed and many updated with LED lights
  • Landscape lighting up and down Vista Ridge, Fixtures are being replaced as needed and updating with brighter and longer lasting LED lights
  • Marquee lighting upgraded to brighter and longer lasting LED lights

Some items we are working on:

  • Park/Pool parking lot being re-sealed and re-striped (we will update when this work is going to start)
  • New signage around the pool
  • Power washing of pool deck, umbrella canopies
  • Additional pool furniture being added
  • Additional lighting around the pool area


“So are we going to have a 4th of July Party? Or any other HOA party event?
If you or any neighbor want to get together and plan any event, 4th of July, National Night Out, Halloween etc. We welcome any volunteers to plan the event. The HOA is happy to help. Come to a board meeting so we can all discuss and make it a GREAT event.

Why doesn’t the water feature work at the Windmill?”
The city of Cedar Park issued water restrictions and we are not allowed to have the feature on until those restrictions are lifted.

“Does the HOA have a Facebook page?”
Although not an official HOA page, https://www.facebook.com/groups/silveradoranch/ The Silverado Society is a page dedicated to the homeowners of Silverado Ranch to share news, events and connect in a fun and informal way. You can share your business big and small but only Once. All post about your business after that will be deleted and you will be sent a private message. Please help us keep this site Spam Free

“Can I reserve the pavilion at the park?”
Sure, Contact:
Keri Scott
Phone: 1-866-4-RealService (1-866-473-2573)
Email: Keri.Scott@realmanage.com

When does the pool open?
We already started to prep the pool for opening! This year the pool opens Friday April 29th, everyday 5am to 10pm until October (date will be posted). Please note the pool/restrooms are cleaned 3 times a week and in addition as needed)

 If you have any questions concerning your neighborhood or see something that needs to be fixed please contact the HOA Management company: Keri Scott   Phone: 1-866-4-RealService (1-866-473-2573)  Email: Keri.Scott@realmanage.com