A few things happening in our neighborhood.

1. There will be some tree trimming in the median on Vista Ridge from Henry Rifle to Colonial next week.This should help with visibility.

2. Lots of neighbors seem to be enjoying the ducks at the pond and requested a bench, so we are installing a bench there and possibly one at the windmill. To the neighbors who brought the windmill to our attention, thank you!

3. We are getting bids to re-stain the windmill and do some other much needed maintenance.

4. We didn't make quorum at the last Annual meeting, another annual meeting is coming up soon, if you can attend, please do, if you can't please mail your proxy vote. We will send more out shortly.

5. We will be installing a water fountain (outside the gates) and near the playground pavilion soon.

And something a lot of you are wondering,•••••••••When will the Pool open?•••••••

Friday April 28th the pool opens! Closing date is set for October 1.

We have some exciting events coming up but still working out the details. Ill be sure to post as soon as we have everything together.

If you have questions please call or email Keri at 1 (866) 473-2573 or keri.scott@realmanage.com