September 2015

School has begun and a NEW HOA WEBSITE  has been launched. We have spent some time rebuilding and reorganizing the site. We hope you find it easier to navigate. Thank you to our Board member Joel Phillips for taking the time to rebuild the site and create a new HOA Logo. We hope to be updating this section more often to keep everyone informed. As always, contact us anytime. You can send a general email to us at:

Have you noticed some of the trees and grass looking little brown and not doing well? So has the HOA Board and management company. The weather has played a role in this along with AT&T and their subcontractor who was installing fiber optics. Low and behold they accidentally cut some wires to the sprinkler system. The landscaping company is hoping to have this resolved as soon as possible.

Lights, Chairs and Wasps!! We know its been a roller coaster and the HOA Board and management company have been very aware of the issues. The good news is the lights have been repaired! Now, the chairs, bids for repairs took a bit longer than expected and to save some money we decided to have our own maintenance person fix the chairs. Huge savings. Materials should be here very soon. The wasps, well we hope they are all gone. If you happen to see them and any other issues, please let RealManage know. Email:  Phone: 1-866-4-RealService (1-866-473-2573)

Yes, it is suppose to have water in it and a feature/landmark for our neighborhood. But due to water restrictiona in Cedar Park, we are not allowed to have this feature on. We did try to get a variance, however we were denied. Until the restrictions are lifted, this feature will have to remain off.

Ever thought about being part of the Landscaping Committee, or Creating a Running Club, Lead a Special Event for the neighborhood like National Night Out, or even a  Book Club, If you would like to participate in a committee or create a club, help  lead efforts!!!!!!  This is YOUR neighborhood. The HOA Board is here to help as well. Contact us at: