How to reserve the Park Pavilion (not the pool patio) for an event
(See calendar below)

The Park Pavilion (only) is available for events and can be reserved. To reserve the Park Pavilion, follow the steps below. Complete the required Waiver and Indemnity Agreement that is found by clicking here.

  1. These items MUST be filled out, signed and submitted to RealManage.
    Julie Wright
    Phone: 1-866-4-RealService (1-866-473-2573)
  2. You must be current on your homeowner dues to use the amenities.


  1. The Party or Event you want to reserve is limited to 4 hours (including setup to cleanup).
  2. The small Gazebo cannot be reserved, neither can the pool patio. 
  3. All trash must be taken with you when you leave the Park Pavilion.
    Try and leave it better than you found it, this is your neighborhood!
  4. Park hours must be followed.
    Contact RealManage at 866-473-2573 for any questions.